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Securely save all your passwords in one place

Walletx is a security tool that lets you store information and passwords from your user accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, and other important account information that you want to keep safe.

With Walletx, you can keep this data safe and have it right at hand: it's compatible with Windows, OS X and iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian mobile platforms.

One password for all your accounts

Nowadays, it's commonplace to have loads of user accounts because virtually any website or online service requests that you register to use all of its features. If you want to be really secure online, you should have different passwords for each account, but it's really easy to lose track of which password goes with which account.

Walletx is a solution to this problem: it allows you to securely store your account information and passwords, as well as things like purchase data, credit cards numbers or bank account info. All of this information will be in a safe place but instantly accessible to you.

Even further, Walletx can synchronize your data online via Dropbox, allowing you to save your passwords using the Cloud storage service so that you can access your data as synchronized from different devices and platforms.

Cards for everything

Using Walletx is simple: each new entry in the application receives a card. Walletx offers a large selection of possible cards, such as hotel reservations, ISPs, social security numbers, vehicle information, as well as key services such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, LinkedIn, eBay or Foursquare account info.

All you have to do is select the type of card you need and complete the corresponding form, adapted to each service with a personalized space for notes. You also have the option to change the icon for each card to differentiate them from one another.

Simple but effective

Although Walletx appears very simple, its functionality is flawless. In no time at all, you can add information for all of your accounts, creating cards one by one. In addition, support for Dropbox allows the data to be copied to your Dropbox account so that you can access your information wherever you are.

Although it is simple to use, the card system can actually slow the process of filing your data because its sometimes tricky to find the type of card that best fits the information you want to enter.

Secure passwords

If you have lots of passwords to remember, Walletx lets you forget them! Walletx stores all your passwords in a secure database with just one master password, keeping access to all the services you need safe at hand.


  • Easy to use
  • Customizable forms
  • Space for notes
  • Integrated search
  • Synchronization with Dropbox


  • No browser integration


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